BÙI HIỀN LƯƠNG – Marketer at Singapore

I’ve been working in Singapore for 2 years. In this 2 years, Although I didn’t encounter any big issue in communicating with my colleagues and partners but there were quite a lot of times I’ve been annoyed by my accent in my speech. Moreover, from my heart I always dream of some day I can clear my accent and speak like Americans (I like to watching American movie and I love the way American speak english…). I slept on this matter really hard and I realized if i want to make a progress first of all I need to do something with my pronunciation. At last I devoted sometime to researching the best solution for it and I found MOON els as the Answer. I decided to choosing Moonesl not other english centers right after I saw the video Mrs moon Teach how to make some vowel sounds. It’s simple, easy but effective. Until now after been through half of the “speak like Americans” course (7 classes) I really feel satisfy with my choice. At moon esl i learn how to pronounce vowel, sounds, words… And During the course I recognized some of my pronunciation’s mistakes I never aware before… It’s very nice to learn with Mrs Moon and Mr Quang, 2 teachers of MOONesl. They will work hand and hand with u, explain clearly and correct u in very detail when you practice to make the sounds u’ve learnt… I feel this course is helpful for me and strongly recommend it to all of u no matter u are at beginner level or u are on your way to master your english. As long as u have the same dream like me, speak like Americans,u will find how powerful the course can help u. Thanks Mr Quang and Mrs Moon. Really appreciate your passion for teaching english. I definitely will attend other course at moonesl if I have chance.

BÙI HIỀN LƯƠNG – luongbh85@gmail.com

Chị BÙI HIỀN LƯƠNG – Marketer at Singapore